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OTC Direct Connect Via AWS Data Exchange

DTCC’s OTC Direct Connect provides subscribers with a systematic delivery mechanism for OTC derivatives transaction data published on DTCC Data Repository (U.S.) LLC’s (DDR) public price dissemination dashboard (PPD Dashboard). OTC Direct Connect is an independent offering of DTCC Solutions LLC and is not a service offering of DDR.

  • About

    Investment professionals, data vendors, and business support teams, who are active in the derivatives market, now have access to a fast, frictionless, and secure data delivery solution that enables subscribers to manage market and trading risk factors in near real-time

  • Benefits

    Scalability: By leveraging OTC Direct Connect, subscribers can access data published on the PPD Dashboard quickly and easily through the AWS Data Exchange.

    Integration: This delivery solution offers simple integration with other AWS services, including Amazon S3, Athena, and Amazon Redshift, which can be used to streamline storage and ingestion of the data into their own applications.

    Enhanced market insight: By providing a more efficient delivery mechanism for data that is in a ready-to-use format, in near real-time, OTC Direct Connect provides investment professionals with improved access to data that supports a deeper understanding of market trends and investor behavior.



    Comprehensive Market Access
    • Facilitates monitoring of price information and transaction activity across all five derivatives asset classes.
    Seamless Delivery
    • Seamless, reliable delivery of derivatives transaction data published on the PPD Dashboard.
    Security, Compliance, and Integration
    • Leverages AWS Data Exchange’s secure and compliant platform and enables integration with AWS’ third-party tools, services, and consolidated billing and subscription tasks.

  • Coverage

    Most comprehensive source of OTC derivatives data in one place:

    • 5 Asset Classes
    • 3 Jurisdictions
    • 1 Data Feed

    Firms report OTC derivatives transaction and pricing data to DDR. DDR posts the reported data to the PPD Dashboard for public dissemination. OTC Direct Connect subscribers receive data immediately after public dissemination via AWS Data Exchange.

  • How It Works

  • Delivery

    OTC Direct Connect subscribers receive data in near-real time immediately after public circulation leveraging the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange platform and AWS third-party tools and services including Amazon S3, Athena, and Amazon Redshift. Subscribers can use these services to store and analyze the data they access.

    View the AWS Data Exchange User Guide and Subscriber tutorial here.

    View the AWS Workshop Catalog here.

    DTCC Data Services offers referential and activity-based data provisioning that delivers fixed and configurable data solutions sourced from DTCC’s transaction, reference, position, and asset servicing data covering all major asset classes. As the largest depository in the world and the primary infrastructure in the U.S. for clearing, settlement and asset servicing, DTCC is a leading service provider to the financial markets and a trusted primary source for post-trade data. For more information, visit

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