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Our Path Forward
From Commitment to Action to Advance Racial Equity


The essence of DTCC is made of its people, core values and a fundamental belief in inclusion – who we are and how we operate together to support our clients and the industry. We are committed to fostering a thriving internal community and creating a workplace that looks like the world that we serve.

Frank La Salla

The strongest performing companies have diverse management teams, diverse employees and diverse points of view. At DTCC, we’re committed to building a workforce that reflects the global nature of our business and the communities we serve. But just as important, we must promote inclusion so that all of our colleagues have a seat at our table to share their unique perspectives and insights to drive strong business results.

— Frank La Salla, DTCC President and CEO

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Employee Resource Groups

The Employee Resource Groups at DTCC foster an environment that respects and values diversity and inclusion. In addition to providing opportunities for professional development and growth, ERGs play an important role in working with senior leadership to address workforce policies and serve as a resource for innovative solutions that drive positive change.


Asian Representation in Innovation, Success,
and Excellence

We empower the Asian community at DTCC by providing opportunities for professional development and cultural awareness in support of our diverse community, by uniting our voices and embracing our differences.


Black Organizers & Leaders of DTCC

BOLD leverages the vast diversity of the Black diaspora and its allies to create community, empower and develop others and inspires leadership excellence among its members and in support of DTCC's mission and goals


Supporting Professional Development for all
Careers Stages

We provide a platform for sharing cross-generational perspectives through which individuals spark innovative ideas, develop new skills and business knowledge, expand their networks and advance their contributions to DTCC.


Military Veterans & Partners

We leverage the uniqueness of the veteran community's leadership, experience, and commitment to enable professional growth while strengthening local veteran partnerships.



We foster a fully inclusive workplace enabling LGBTQIA employees to realize and bring their authentic selves to work thereby enhancing DTCC's reputation as a leading edge employer in workplace diversity and inclusivity and partner in the LGBTQIA communities.



UNIDOS (UNITED) in creating an inclusive work environment, promoting professional development and empowering our leaders to drive DTCC's business objectives.


Supporting those with a Spectrum of Abilities
and Caregivers

To create an atmosphere of acceptability where those with a spectrum of abilities and caregivers are provided with an environment where they can thrive, assist each other and contribute to the success of the organization.


Women's Initiative for Networking & Success

WINS elevates the voices of women across the organization, enabling their professional success while promoting a diversity of perspectives and an inclusive environment that drives change to minimize the gender gap and support resilience.

Recognition Advocacy and Awards - 2023