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A trusted, agnostic, golden source of information tailored to help you analyze and compare your operational performance.

  • About

    DTCC’s ITP Data Analytics delivers an operational performance measurement solution for Broker/Dealers and Investment Managers by providing powerful analytical tools for researching and optimizing the timeliness and accuracy of your trade processing. With ITP Data Analytics, you can analyze your operational performance with your counterparties and compare it against peer and industry standards.

    Leveraging your CTM® matching and TradeSuite ID™ affirmation data, the service delivers customizable reports can be organized at the aggregate or individual counterparty level, regionally, or by identifier. The analytical tools support customization by market, financial instrument type, currency, and more.

    Firms can leverage ITP Data Analytics to help achieve straight through processing, increase client satisfaction, reduce costs, and identify firm-specific operational competitive advantages - all while preparing for accelerated settlement in the U.S.

  • Benefits

    • ITP Data Analytics quantifies your post-trade processing behavior, providing analytic metrics regarding your performance against your counterparties, how long it takes you to match and/or affirm a trade, how many manual touches are involved in your process, and more.
    • Measurements such as Entry on Trade Date, Same Day Agreement, touch rate, Affirmation on Trade Date, and more help you assess your readiness for accelerated settlement.
    • A modernized user interface with an interactive dashboard for accessing the full suite of analytical tools.
    • Our new T+1 Scorecard, pictured below, is now available via ITP Data Analytics. Users of CTM and TradeSuite ID can leverage this dashboard specifically dedicated to metrics relevant to T+1 to help measure and monitor their level of preparedness for T+1 in the U.S. markets.

    T1 scorecard

  • How Does It Work?

    • ITP Data Analytics consumes underlying transaction data from CTM and TradeSuite ID daily.
    • Your data is aggregated and analyzed across multiple metrics and dimensions, providing you with actionable insights about your operational performance.
    • The data is aggregated and anonymized to provide you with capabilities to compare your performance against your peers and priority clients.
    • All data is displayed on a graphical and dynamic dashboard and can also be made available via a direct download.

  • Who Can Use It?

    • A portion of ITPDA comes with a subscription to CTM and/or TradeSuite ID. This includes the T+1 Scorecard, the CTM Time Period, CTM Datafeed, and TradeSuite ID Affirmation reports. Contact you Product Administrator to turn on your access in MyDTCC.
    • Clients can opt into supplementary capabilities including the CTM Peer Comparison and CTM Counterparty Analysis reports. Contact us today to learn more or sign up.

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